► Shelf support to block wood shelves minimum 12 mm thick for dispatching either flat pack or rigid furniture and for guaranteeing domestic safety.
► Consists of two separate parts: a steel dowel to be inserted onto the side panel and a plastic element to be slotted into the shelf.
► Shelf is subsequently vertically pressed and clicks onto the steel dowel.
► Steel dowel is available with:
– Ø 3, 5 mm smooth pin and Ø 5 mm special threaded dowel for shelf repositioning without damaging the hole.
– Ø 3 mm threaded screw or Ø 5 mm euro-threaded dowel.
– M4 dowel for spreading dowel.
► Threaded steel dowels provide further structural function.
► In accordance with the European Regulations UNI EN 14749/05.

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