► Hanging system for suspended cabinets, bespokedly conceived for kitchens.
► Absolutely no mills, nor grooves required on the side panels.
► Libra BS is vertically inserted into the cabinet flushing with the sides, to be fixed through 6 insert nuts and metric screws.
► Slim side bracket wings which don’t interfere with the slides for drawers.
► Easy Vertical and In-Depth adjustments with cabinet mounted on the wall by using a S5 mm allen wrench.
► Possibility to align the cabinet In-Depth with Libra BS leveller, in order to keep it perfectly parallel to the wall.
► Safe and efficient Anti-turnover device.
► Possibility to increase the hanging points to the wall in order to reduce the stress on the wall bar.
► ANTI-TURNOVER device for domestic safety to guarantee fast locking of the cabinet against the wall bar.
► Guarantees high capacity loading even with fully open drawers.
► Zinc alloy, aluminium, steel and plastic.

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