► Recommended for wall-mounted suspended cabinet with heavy loads or particularly deep drawers.
► LIBRA CH works in combination with a pair of cabinet hangers selected within the LIBRA family.
► To be cut on size and fixed behind the real panel flushing with top and bottom.
► Provided with mechanic sledge featuring In-Depth adjustment and ANTI-TURNOVER device, which operates into the vertical sliding slot.
► The hanging screw consequently slides according to the vertical adjustment of the side Libra hangers.
► Same wall plate/bar used for the side Libra hangers.
► Adjustments to be carried out from the inside of the cabinet by matching drilling pattern of the hole and cover cap of the side Libra hangers.
► Aluminium, steel and zinc alloy.
► Benefits:
– Additional LIBRA CH can be used according to the cabinet size and the required loading.
– Several hanging points facilitate the even load distribution of the cabinet on the wall plates/bar.
– The fixig to both bottom and top avoids either the cabinet bowing or structural failing, exspecially in case
of deep drawers are opened.
– ANTI-TURNOVER device for domestic safety to guarantee fast locking of the cabinet against the wall.
– Structural solidity is guaranteed against the gravity pressure strictly connected with the cabinet depth and both static
and dinamic loading effects.

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