► SECRET MAXI is the new hidden shelf support by Italiana Ferramenta, the only one that guarantees both the shelf locking and unlocking.
► Completely hidden, even when used on bifacial furniture.
► Can be used on shelves 25 mm minimum thick.
► The anchoring system provides a structural junction between the shelf and the side panel, thus making SECRET MAXI suitable even for constructions with flap and drop-down doors.
► Consists of:
– a plastic body to be inserted onto the shelf panel featuring an inner spring that moves the zinc alloy hook out.
– a plastic socket to be inserted onto the side panel
► Both “8-shaped” bodies guarantee a precise installation while the round plastic socket is conceived for an automatic installation.
► When flap and drop-down doors are required, the shelf can be fully locked through a Ø 4 mm hole, by turning the minifix 90° with a S2,5 mm allen wrench.
► The hole for the shelf locking can be drilled on the upper or lower side of the shelf, (or even a passing through hole), according to the customer’s needs.
► It allows the customer to fix and remove the shelves in an easy and intuitive way. The furniture processing doesn’t require any milling; simply drillings.

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