► Innovative solution to block wood shelves minimum 16 mm thick for dispatching either flat pack or rigid furniture and for guaranteeing domestic safety.
► Consists of a plastic body featuring an inner spring that moves the zinc alloy pin out.
► Shelf is diagonally inserted into the cabinet, by leveling it, the pins itself find the side holes.
► Removal of the shelf is carried out with blade screwdriver, by simply pulling and clicking back the pins (just on one side of the shelf).
► Before repositioning the shelf, release the locked pins.
► Intentional leway of the pin to easily slot into position, even if off line hole.
► Available with Ø 4 and Ø 5 mm smooth pin to avoid scratching inside of the cabinet and suitable for shelf repositioning without damaging the hole.
► In accordance with the European Regulations UNI EN 14749/05.

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