► New connecting fitting for the complete cabinet construction (base shelves and top) providing structural fastening.
► Suitable for heavy duty wardrobes, bookcases, modular furniture, office furniture and dismounted furniture (Do It by Yourself).
► Available for 18 – 19 mm thick panels minimum.
► Consists of two separate parts: zinc alloy side bracket and plastic shelf support with zinc alloy minifix inside to be slotted into the shelf.
► Shelf is subsequently vertically pressed and clicks onto the side bracket.
► The rounded side bracket ledge can flush with the lower side of the shelf by operating a face boring, making the result aesthetically very elegant.
► Shelf and top panel connection to be carried out by turning the mini fix 90° from the under side.
► Optional through hole Ø 8 mm for connecting also the bottom panel to be carried out by turning the minifix 90° from the upper side.
► Side bracket available as plain version for euro screw, countersunk screw, M4 dowel with spreading dowel or with pre-inserted spreading bush and screw for shelf repositioning without damaging the hole.
► A plastic cover cap can be used to conceal the housing on the bottom.
► In accordance with the European regulations UNI EN 14749/05.

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